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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Awakened Souls services.

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LOA Coaching

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What is Awakened Souls?

Awakened Souls is the name of my website because I want all who come here to leave their appointments with me with a better sense of knowing who they are and why they are here on Earth. We are all souls searching for purpose, and I would like to be your one and only Advisor that can help get you to a level of awareness that you’ve never been before.

What if I can’t make it to my appointment?

Appointments are non-refundable. However, If you must cancel on the date set, we can reschedule your appointment to the closest, most appropriate time slot. If you feel you will never need another appointment, your appointment can be gifted to a friend or family member if you wish to give it them and not lose out on the money you spent for that time.

How much does a reading or session cost?

Prices range from $30 - $800 depending on what you are looking for, both in time and the Session/Reading Type you want to choose. You can find our entire listing by following these links:

Can I schedule regular appointments with You?

As long as your appointment doesn’t conflict with another client, and the Advisor is available, you may make regular appointments. The appointments have to be booked and paid upfront, as normal.

I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the site. Who can help me with this?

You can email us with questions and concerns here:

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What kind of questions can I ask in my Tarot Reading?

No topic is off-limits. You can ask about, love, family, relationships (romantic and friendship), career, health, and more. If you have a question dealing with medical or legal issues, and I do not feel comfortable answering it, I do have the right to refuse and to possibly share with authorities if I feel you may be in any danger or cause any harm to yourself or others. Otherwise, they may ask you to rephrase the question so they may feel more comfortable satisfying it.

What If I run out of time during my reading?

Sometimes the allotted time frames aren’t enough time to get through all the questions or into all the details of topics. If that is ever the case, it will be recommended to book another session. If there are no scheduled sessions after your current one, the time may be extended, but it will be tracked and payment must be made to continue. If it is not possible to continue in the current session, then another session can be booked online or through me.

Are you psychic? How accurate are your predictions?

While I have been able to read future outcomes accurately in my tarot cards, I do not claim to be psychic. I have been working on that skill, as it is a skill to be learned like anything else. However, I am able to read my tarot cards very well and through reading through them and the current energies, I am able to make predictions if the energies and spirit choose to share them with me. Depending on the question and the details shared by spirit, my predictions are about 95% accurate. There have been a few occasions when the predictions were not, and that is usually because when we find out what the result actually was, my cards were telling me the outcome, but I had misinterpreted the messages. This can happen, as humans always have the potential to make errors, and I am happy to be one! :-)

What is LOA- Life Coaching and how is it different from PSYCH-K®?

LOA, also known as the Law of Assumption, is the method of life coaching I use. It is different from the Law of Attraction, as it does not require you to have a certain “vibration” or wait for the Universe or God or Divine Timing to get you what you want to experience out of life. Law of Assumption is essentially a way to rewrite your subconscious. It is similar to PSYCH-K® except that it’s slower-paced and isn’t as instantaneous in the changes. LOA - Life Coaching is more like training for a marathon whereas PSYCH-K® tends to be more like a sprint. Both get you to the finish line, but in different ways and at a pace that you’re comfortable with.

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