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" I just wanted to reach out and share with you my experience with Cece in the Psych K session I had with her.  I went to my first session with a few goals in mind.  I did not know how resistant my subconscious is!! LOL 

Anyway, Cece guided me through a magnificent safe space using the Psych K technique were essentially you reprogram your subconscious to a new pattern.  Although I cried and had lots of releases, I still felt amazing immediately after the session and of course a bit skeptical only because this is a "new" thing for me. I have done hypnosis before and it sort of reminded me of that except easier.  One of the things I was working on is being able to stay vulnerable and intimate with my husband.  With our busy life it had become harder and harder to be intimate in the small moments throughout the day and well call me a romantic but


I LOVE those moments for me they fill my love bucket big time.  Friday, also the same day of my session, happened to be date night so Cece asked me to pay extra attention, I did.  The resistance that I felt prior to my session with Cece was GONEE!! WOW!! There was no way it was possible.... So I decided to wait a couple more days before I wrote this...It is now Sunday, my husband and I had a small argument and well he deeply hurt my feelings.  I returned to my bedroom to sob because I was sad and hurt. He normally does not come to check on me, he lets me get "over it".  This time was different because I was allowing my vulnerability to show and not say hurtful things. He softened and came to apologize.  During this whole process I did not feel like I had to protect myself. I still felt safe and like I could be vulnerable and intimate. For this HUGE step, I want to thank Cece for offering this as it will help THOUSANDS of people. This is not only for relationship stuff, she also helped me reprogram some money beliefs I had but the story is not as interesting so i won't share that.  Anyway, If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, reach out to Cece and schedule your Psych K session.  You will not regret it at all! "

Let me start off by saying WOW!!!!  I experienced a Psych-K session with CeCe (Carrie) and it was so impactful!


Even though I regularly practice modalities that clear my energy and provide energetic shifts in my conscious and subconscious mind--this was something quite different!  I was told to bring a box of tissue to the session (which I wasn't sure that I would need it)--and at the very first "exercise", tears were streaming down my face!  I was shocked...I kept thinking, how is this possible?  


Throughout the session, I felt waves of release and calmness, lightheartedness, and joy.  I just know more unconscious programming was deleted!  We worked through (what I'll call) power statements that I took notes on, and still use daily--so powerful!


Since my session, I've noticed a feeling of KNOWING that what I desire is right around the corner!  I'm excited for what is to come!  I recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking to make dynamic changes in their manifesting techniques! "


With love & light,

Soulara--Reiki Master Teacher


I had a PyschK session with Cece and one of my goals was to be open to trying different things. About 1-2 months later, I connected with a friend who just kept commenting on all the different things I had been trying. And how open-minded I was to trying different things compared to in the past. I hadn't noticed until she mentioned it. It's exciting to see the changes. Thanks for all your help Cece.

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“I love her readings. Aside from her details, she's a sweet person. Connects quickly and is pretty accurate <3 thanks again”

— Anonymous, Tarot

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“Very positive and helpful - called with a simple question and got clarity around the concern. Very helpful, accurate, and interesting!”

Anonymous, Tarot

"Amazing! Honest, accurate, kind, and saw a lot into my situation!"

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